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Today I’m updating my vSphere environment in our new datacenter with the latest VMware updates that were released yesterday.  This is my first real test of VUM 4.0 U1 as well.  I had 5 patches to install, so I figured I’d stage the patches first on the hosts, then remediate.  I started out one host at a time, but after two hosts, I decided to stage the 5 patches on all the hosts first, then go to each host and remediate.  This would also allow me to verify DRS is working properly in my cluster.

I selected the 8 remaining hosts in my cluster, and started a stage job to stage the 5 patches on each host.  The job completed, but the patches were not staged on one host.  No error was given either.  So, I tried staging the patches to the last host, and I received this error:

“The host has a VM with VMware vCenter Update Manager or VMware vCenter installed.  The VM needs to be moved to another host for the remediation to proceed.”

What is wrong with this error?

First, I was able to successfully stage the patches to the host where my VMware vCenter VM is running.

Second, I am staging patches, not remediating the host.  If I was remediating the host, the host would be in maintenance mode, and the VM that caused this issue would be running on another host.

I think I will open up an SR with VMware and see what they have to say about this issue.


So it seems my vCenter server was migrated to a different host (host that errored).


Written by jguidroz

January 8, 2010 at 3:28 pm

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