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Looking beyond Long Distance VMotion…

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First post in a while, but this should be changing in the near future.

Back from VMworld 2009, there was a topic that interested me: Long Distance VMotion.  However, when looking at the technology behind it, it left me wanting more.

What more could I be looking for?  Datacenter VMotion.

How does this differ from Long Distance VMotion?  Datacenter VMotion would be a combination of Long Distance VMotion and migrating the storage live as well (Long Distance Storage VMotion?).  If storage is already replicated to the second location, it would just be a matter of syncing the changed blocks of the VM to the second location.  One click, all VMs (or at least critical VMs), migrate to the second location to complete the Datacenter VMotion.


Written by jguidroz

September 5, 2009 at 4:13 pm

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